STARSEED Traits  and Characteristics – Who and What is a Starseed?

When I was growing up I never felt like I fitted in anywhere.  There was always a feeling that I didn’t quite belong, and I was different to everyone else.  As my healing and spiritual work developed I started to channel high vibrational Light Codes, and I came across the term ‘Starseeds’.  As I learned more about them, it suddenly all fell into place and I finally understood more about myself and the feelings of loneliness and abandonment I had felt most of my life!  

Starseeds are beings of light from other dimensions/planets/star systems that are here on the Earth to support the global awakening and guide others in their ascension journey.  There are many different types of Starseed and you can research about them in depth online keeping an open mind to see if it resonates with you.  

In these videos I am sharing more about Starseeds because my work with families has shown me a distinct correlation between high sensitivity in our kids (which can lead to problem behaviours and labels such as ASD and ADHD etc.) and their energy vibration. 

What I noticed is that these children often have very high frequency energy fields and are extremely overwhelmed by everyday life and the density of the systems and structures they have been born into. I feel that is important to expand our awareness about Starseeds and what it can mean for ourselves as parents and our kids. 

It is time we recognise that we are in fact beings of high vibration energy, here with a mission to support the planet in it’s evolution into higher consciousness!

In these videos I share:

  • What Starseeds are
  • Why our children seem to be so much quicker to learn things than we ever were
  • Why so many children these days are labelled as being on the spectrum or having learning difficulties
  • Why our children seem to be pushing us to our whits end!
  • What the typical traits and characteristics of Starseeds are, and how that translates into our real life experiences

Are you ready to learn more about Starseeds?  Watch below for more:


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