Open to Receive Light Code

Sensing deep into your core,
You feel her.
The divine Goddess.
Hiding in the shadows,
Not wanting to be seen.

Slowly you follow the path,
Spiralling outwards.
Radiating. Shining.

You feel the activation of your womb,
Your deep inner Goddess.
Being rebirthed.

You open yourself to hear her magic.
The calling of your deepest desires.
You cultivate love and cherishment,
For the parts you have shamed.
For the Parts you have banished.

You receive the potent messages of the divine masculine.
In service to your divine power.
In service to your sensuality.
In service to your souls calling.
In service to your truth.
Supporting you.
Loving you.
Opening to you.

You let the golden codes from Father Sun radiate down into your body,
Filling you with ancient wisdom.
With a power beyond anything you have ever felt before.
You are opening to receive.
To activate and align to your own power.

Your senses are heightened.
You feel the kundalini awakening and rising.
You are open to new experiences and new ways of being.
No longer trapped by the limitations of others,
You are unapologetically you.

Grounding yourself into the Earth
You feel her energy connect and hold you.
Love you. Nourish you. Support you.

You are open to all the MAGIC.
You are open to BE.
You are open to RECEIVE.

Loving you deeply x

Open to receive Light Code

Light Codes are simply expressions of potent energy that are channelled and brought into the physical world through creative interpretation.  These expressions of high vibrational energy help to raise the frequency in the body and activate more light and dormant DNA within our human cells.  As more and more people receive this light into their bodies the energy of the collective shifts and we begin to awaken into expanded consciousness as the beautiful radiant humans we truly are.

I have seen light codes drawn as elaborate pieces of art, computer generated diagrams, doodles on scrap paper, intricate photography, mandalas, creative dance, body movement, potent teachings, masterclasses, poetry, written articles and books, sound, music and song. Everyone channels these codes of light in their own way which is perfectly divine and they are no less impactful depending on their delivery!

If the energy of these codes resonates with you then I invite you to click the banner below and explore our Light Code Chakra Activations Series to help awaken your parenting potential.  With 7 high vibrational Light Codes working with the energies of the 7 Chakras, alongside 7 Light Language Video Meditations this Program activates dormant energy and shifts limiting beliefs so you can be the parent you truly want to be.  For more details click here or the button on the banner below. 


light code chakra activations

Are you ready to raise your vibration, step into higher consciousness and create the family life you really want?
Light Codes for Root, Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra

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Open to Receive Light Code

Sensing deep into your core,You feel her.The divine Goddess.Hiding in the shadows,Not wanting to be seen. Slowly you follow the path,Spiralling outwards.Radiating. Shining.Opening. You feel

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