Kids Energy Bubble

This fun workshop is super easy and we will teach you the ‘Energy Bubble’ exercise that we do daily to help create peace and calm!

It came to me intuitively during the time my 4 year old Lottie was struggling with her transition into kindergarden. I used to use this tool with my clients when teaching healing, but I never thought about teaching my kids to do this exercise – but it has been invaluable!

Doing activities like this doesn’t just promote a sense of comfort and safety, but new conversations, connection and quality time together.

In this video I share:

  • how connecting with children through energy is a common missing piece in parenting
  • what the benefits are of teaching this exercise to our kids
  • why this tool empowers us and our children
  • how to implement this tool into daily rituals

Are you ready to learn how to teach your kids the ‘Energy Bubble’? Join in and watch the workshop below:


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