Intuitive Family Living

Intuition is your family’s Superpower!

It’s the magic that creates loving joyful connection where life just flows and you get to parent from a place of presence.

It’s the whispers of your heart that tell you there is a better way to live where you respond with empathy and compassion rather than reacting from overwhelm.

It’s the energy, vibration and resonance that expands your soul so you can live the family life of your dreams in peace, calm and happiness every day.

The ‘IPIK Community’ is a Membership space for those ready to take a Quantum Parenting Leap and expand the awareness of their whole family.

Inside The Group, You’ll Get Access To…

Each month we’ll share:


Are you ready to ditch ‘perfect parenting’ and start parenting with  Presence?

Stop feeling trapped by the daily grind and make
Intuitive Family Living your new normal.

Join this incredible group of like-minded Intuitive Parents and get everything you need to create lasting change today!

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$555 AUD
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Hi, I’m  Emily!

Founder of Intuitive Parents-Intuitive Kids (IPIK), Mum of 3, qualified teacher, homeschooler, energy healer, and all round lover of magical creation!

My goal is to serve as many families as I can to create REAL change – not just the fluffy stuff that sounds good on paper but doesn’t seem to last in real life, but TRUE FAMILY TRANSFORMATION!

I want you to experience the life changing effects that Intuitive Parenting has had on my family and I’m making it my mission to show you exactly how it’s all possible:

  • HOW you can be the parent you always wanted to be, and know deep down is possible

  • HOW you can transition from stress, pressure and stuck in ‘DOING’, to expanding your sense of loving connection and living in balance from a place of ‘BEING’

  • HOW you can unhook the limiting beliefs that are keeping you trapped in the groundhog day cycle reacting rather than responding with love and compassion

  • HOW you can create everything you want in life using the magic of energy, vibration and resonance

  • HOW you can teach your kids the exact tools they need to live an empowered life full of love, gratitude and self-confidence to trust their intuition and be who they truly are

I’ve reconnected with joy and am enjoying my children again. I’m finding myself really appreciating the little things. It’s lovely. A heartfelt thank you.

We have lifelong tools now that remind us about gratitude, love and mindfulness. As parents we felt like we were literally drowning or just treading water, and now we feel like we are floating!

This space is for you if you are ready to create lasting change.

If you’re ready to engage, to share your magic and your joy, and really commit to the next step in your self-development journey.

I don’t want you sitting in the sidelines playing it small. I want you to bring your whole self to this space and know that you are loved and supported as you deepen your connection with your intuition and your family.  That’s when real change starts to happen.

This Membership Community is so much more than just another FB Group.  It’s a container to create a new life!  The one where you become empowered to CHOOSE how the future looks for you and your kids.

Together we are creating a tribe of Intuitive Parents that are making a difference in the world as we raise the collective consciousness…

…one family at a time!

Awaken  your Intuitive Parenting Power!

Move your family life from chaos to calm and create your new reality.

We can’t wait to welcome you as an IPIK Family!

Monthly Subscription

$555 AUD
(Cancel anytime)

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