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Welcome to Illumination!

Join us for 28 days of moon magic and 3 moon ceremonies starting may 18th!

Ticket Price: $111 USD

For years I have been bringing moon magic into my family life. I’ve connected with my spirituality and my family by learning to live in harmony with the seasonal cycles and rhythms of nature, and walking with the ebb and flow of energy that these bring.

As we expand towards the Full Moon in Scorpio, it’s time to get real with yourself about the deep watery depths of your inner world and what you’re ready to release as you create your desires.  

When you sit in ceremony with Mumma Quilla (Grandmother Moon), the magic of the moon flows through you!

Full moon energy is all about getting real with yourself.  This means reflecting on your desires and making sure they are in true alignment with where you want to go…

It’s a time for celebration, and feeling deep gratitude at the culmination of the moon’s cycle. It’s a time for letting go of old stories and habits, and creating new practices to connect to your greatest potential. 

You are invited into this sacred practice with me!

This is your time to fill your own cup, and lean into this deeply restorative practice that elevates you, empowers you and activates you to bring more of yourself to your family and your role as an intuitive parent.

Relax and let yourself be guided by me as you connect to the magic of the Full Moon in Scorpio…

  • You’ll experience a heart-opening ceremony where you’re invited to bring your own cacao (or a beverage of your choice) as we connect to the frequencies of gratitude and abundance
  • Bring a journal, sheet of paper, and a pen to connect to the desires you are calling in as we clear and release any blocks in your path
  • Burn a candle to alchemise the energy and if possible, set yourself up with a place to burn what you release in our ceremony

We will journey into deep meditation with Mama Quilla and her energy. I will channel high vibration Light Language to support you in activating new strands of DNA and receiving more light into your body. It is a good idea to find a space where you are comfortable and will not be disturbed for the duration of our time together (approx. 1.5hr).

You will not leave the same as you were when you entered our vortex!

This Ceremony is for you if you have an open heart ready to invite the magic of the moon into your daily life, raise your vibration and receive potent codes of light that support you in your own awakening and ascension processes.

If you can’t attend this ceremony LIVE, you can buy a ticket to watch the replay. Together we are joining as one over the few days that the Full Moon energy is present and you do not need to be physically at the LIVE event to receive the full energy of this activation.

I can’t wait to hold this Sacred Space with you.

Sending so much love and light.

Emily x

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