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Open to Receive Light Code

Sensing deep into your core,You feel her.The divine Goddess.Hiding in the shadows,Not wanting to be seen. Slowly you follow the path,Spiralling outwards.Radiating. Shining.Opening. You feel the activation of your womb,Your deep inner Goddess.Awakening.Being rebirthed. You open yourself to hear her magic.The calling of your deepest desires.You cultivate love and cherishment,For the parts you have shamed.For […]

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How to make gratitude scrolls?

Gratitude Scrolls 

In this workshop I am making gratitude scrolls with my 2 kiddos Tom and Lottie. This is an easy and fun activity that promotes love and gratitude, and invites opportunities for new conversations, connection and quality time together with your kids. Get crafty with your kids after school, at the weekend, or a time that

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Kids Energy Bubble

Kids Energy Bubble

This fun workshop is super easy and we will teach you the ‘Energy Bubble’ exercise that we do daily to help create peace and calm! It came to me intuitively during the time my 4 year old Lottie was struggling with her transition into kindergarden. I used to use this tool with my clients when

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Grounding in Possibilities Light Code

Grounding in Possibilities Light Code

Each step we take in divine connection,Opens a doorway for abundance.For grace.For ease.For expansion. The portal of light is open,New codes are awakening the spirit within.The golden light pours into our being.Activating. Stimulating. Inspiring. Passion and creativity ripple out,Radiating a new way of BEING in the world.We are lighting the way,Illuminating a path into the

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STARSEED Traits  and Characteristics

STARSEED Traits  and Characteristics – Who and What is a Starseed?

When I was growing up I never felt like I fitted in anywhere.  There was always a feeling that I didn’t quite belong, and I was different to everyone else.  As my healing and spiritual work developed I started to channel high vibrational Light Codes, and I came across the term ‘Starseeds’.  As I learned

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